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Even with its reputation for academic excellence, it’s not all work and no play at Redeemer. The academic calendar is highlighted by social events, which draw students together and allow them to enjoy being part of the RCCS community. Here is a sampling of the major events:

  • Spirit Week- a week of themes and fun designed to build community
  • Homecoming- a celebration of Alumni and present students in sports, socials, and family friendly fun
  • 19th Century Ball; Junior Ring Cruise; Senior Formal - a time for students to dress up, get out there and have fun building friendships
  • Luau - a very special festive night to welcome the incoming 7th Grade class to the Upper School.
  • Annual Christmas concert presented by the RCCS choirs at a local mall, where the praises of our students ring in the Holiday for local shoppers
  • Spring Mission Trips and outreaches like Rice for the World, designed to teach students to think past themselves
  • Senior Trip to Europe - all of the history that our students have learned comes to life as they walk the streets of what they have studied!

Redeemer students also have the opportunity to participate in many additional social activities including: a casual winter dance, ice and roller skating events, Field Day, Race for Education, Capture the Present and other fun events.

Things are happening at Redeemer!

The RCCS Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of class representatives from all of the Upper School grades (7th - 12th) and SGA officers. Officers are elected and include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The primary function of the SGA is to plan events, such as Homecoming, dances, Capture the Present, ice/roller skating, service opportunities, etc. for the student body. In addition to this, the students in SGA are expected to exemplify Christian leadership. They must take active interest in the concerns and well-being of their fellow students and must model positive Christian values within the school. Above all, members of Student Government are expected to seek to bring glory to God through effective, godly leadership, motivated by a genuine love for Christ.

The SGA Mission Statement:

"The Student Government Association of Redeemer Classical Christian School serves the school administration and student body by promoting school spirit, planning social events, and providing godly leadership through service, respect, and prayer; so that Christ is glorified."

The House System is modeled on the traditional House or College Systems of older European schools and it has enjoyed something of a resurgence in Classical Christian schools in the United States since the 1980’s. By initiating the House System, RCCS seeks to provide a unique structure and process by which students are encouraged through camaraderie, friendly competition, team work, service, accountability, and responsibility. House groups will allow students across all grade levels, 7th through 12th, to interact as House members of varying ages and grades, and will foster friendships, acceptance, and a tradition of unity and identification throughout their Upper School years. While still maintaining grade level identification, The House System will enhance each student's experience by broadening their scope of student interactions, allowing for cooperative encouragement, and exercising their competitive spirit through various opportunities provided throughout the school year.

Technology surrounds us and continues to change our society. Software is behind every electronic device we use to communicate, travel, shop, learn and relax. Students who learn to program will discover how they can shape the future through software. Programming will change the way students think and build algorithmic thinking, reasoning, logic, communication and problem solving skills.

There is a difference between playing and programming a video game; watching and creating animation. Unlike being passively entertained, programming and creating involves active planning, designing, constructing, testing and troubleshooting.

Redeemer Classical Christian offers the following after school technology classes to students in grades 7-12.


Students will use ROBOTIC and the Lego NXT Robots to learn engineering and programming skills to get their robots to perform specific functions. This course will involve math and measurement as well as controllers and Blue Tooth connections for maneuvering the robots.


Python has become one of the most popular coding languages today and is in high demand. From gaming to web apps, you will find many uses for this tool. Students interested in programming will love this introductory course into the world of coding. Basic techniques such as programming logic, flow and decision control will be taught during this course. Students will learn programming skills while building game apps.


Building websites requires knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This course introduces students to web design concepts. Students will have a live web site to show off their skills to invited guests. Students will also learn about WordPress and blogging.

Royal House Serve-a-thon

Our Royal House Serve-a-thon, while only coming up on its second annual event, is one met with great anticipation. This young tradition allows our Upper School students, in House groups, to dedicate half the school day in service to others. Our first year allowed for activities like writing thank you letters to military and public service personnel, filling bags with necessities and making blankets for the needy, helping our grammar teachers with classroom preparations, and praying for the entire school community.

This year, our students will be partnering with Beachmont Christian Ministries, adjacent to our campus. In preparation for Beachmont's spring and summer camps and events, our Upper School House groups will take on tasks like weeding, washing windows and doors, grounds cleaning, moving cinder blocks and chopped wood, raking, cleaning pool furniture, tidying up the hiking trail and cleaning up the pavilion area.

Through this tradition and many other opportunities throughout the year - as part of the curricula and at volunteer events - our students are engaging God's world!

Supporting Hope International through Rice for the World Day

How often do we as Christians watch the world news and, when confronted by overwhelming spiritual and physical need, yearn for a practical way to help those who suffer? In their study of World Geography each year, Redeemer seventh graders investigate the wonders of God’s perfect creation, but also face the difficulties created by sinful men living in a fallen world. Our hope is for these young people to experience the same desire as you and I – the desire to help others.

In an attempt to connect with those in need, each year, the 7th graders choose a developing nation entrepreneur to microfinance through Hope International. When microfinancing, a donor gives a small loan to an individual interested in starting a cottage industry. The individual repays the loan while the donor tracks the progress of the business and the repayment process.

As a class, we choose the country, industry, and individual with whom we will partner and check weekly on the progress being made.

Then each year, the 7th graders host “Rice for the World Day” where all students and faculty can help the cause by choosing to donate to our project the money with which they would normally buy their Chick Filet lunch. The 7th graders serve a choice of white or brown rice as a substitute. One bowl of rice is often the only meal many poverty stricken children have to sustain them daily. This is a great reminder to all of us.

As the loan or loans are repaid, we lend the money afresh to a new entrepreneur. Last year, in one day alone, we were able to assist 7 entrepreneurs in 4 different countries.

First Fruits Farm

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…. I tell you the truth whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:35, 40).

As part of their geography curriculum, the seventh graders traveled to First Fruits Farm, a Christian ministry dedicated to providing hungry people with nutritious, fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Working together, our students helped harvest nearly 19,000 potatoes to be shared amongst local hot meal programs, food banks, and shelters in the Baltimore/Washington region.

Redeemer offers a variety of clubs in which students may participate, enhancing their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social skills. Students are encouraged to initiate clubs so they can pursue their passions with those of like-minded interests.

A.C.E. [Architectural, Construction, Engineering] Mentoring Club

Students who have an interest in the fields of architecture, construction or engineering have the opportunity to take part in the ACE Mentor program. There is no substitute for experience in determining if these career fields are a good fit, so our students are fortunate to have mentors from over 35 Baltimore area firms meet with them weekly for office and construction site tours, college campus visits and team projects designed to inform, challenge and actively engage program participants. During the 13 week program, students learn the entire design, engineering and construction process, along with other factors, such as setting, surrounding environment, potential historical and cultural areas and the need to serve broad commercial and economic issues.

Yearbook Club

Putting together the yearbook is a big responsibility. It is definitely a challenge, but also incredibly rewarding and beneficial. Yearbook is unlike any other “club” you will ever participate in because essentially you and your classmates are running a several thousand dollar business. You are designing, creating, and marketing a product for your peers, something that will last forever (or at least a really long time!). Yearbook is mostly technology driven as we build our book online through a company known as Jostens and work primarily with digital pictures.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to designing layouts, taking pictures, writing explanations of pictures and events, selling ads, marketing, conducting interviews, and attending extra-curricular events.

Skills gained include being a part of the decision making process, developing leadership skills, working with others in group situations, producing a tangible product, learning critical problem solving skills, learning organizational skills, learning important design skills, and an understanding of media design and publishing technology.

It's Academic

Redeemer students are preparing to compete on It’s Academic, the longest running television quiz show in the world. This year, our inaugural season, the Redeemer team is on the waiting list for the broadcast. This wait has provided a good time to prepare for the televised competitions next year! See the show on WJZ, Saturday mornings at 10 am.

The visual and performing arts are gifts from God created for the enjoyment of His people. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities including art, drama, music, choir, band, and individual instrumental instruction. Students receive art and music instruction beginning in Kindergarten. In most grades, art instruction is integrated with the study of history and corresponding literature. Music instruction focuses on music theory, history, and application in grades in grades K–6. In grades 7–12 the music program consists of voice, piano, and guitar training while sculpture, painting and drawing are the foundation of the upper school art program.

These required arts classes are designed to provide basic experience in a variety of areas for all students, with the goal of helping them discover individual giftedness and enhancing their appreciation for the arts. In addition to curricular instruction in art and music, students are encouraged to participate in choir, band, chapel music and the drama productions.

Click here to view more about the ARTS at RCCS

All students are encouraged to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" through their voice and instruments.

Choir is mandatory for students in 4th through 6th grade. In the upper school, students are all welcome to join the Concert choir while more committed vocalists can audition for the Chamber choir.

Students have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and perform with the band. There are different divisions of the band depending on the levels of the students participating.

The Bands and Choirs perform at two school concerts each year and periodically in other venues such as area malls, sporting events or retirement communities.

Interested upper school students may also serve as Chapel musicians as vocalists or instrumentalists. Advanced instrumentalists are encouraged to play in the Musical Theatre productions that are held every other year.

​Redeemer Classical Christian School has offered an exceptional theater program for many years.  The performing arts are an important part of a classical education and provide opportunity for our students to glorify God as they are encouraged and equipped to perform with excellence. Students develop and hone their acting and musical abilities, participate in set and costume design, foster their skills in sound and lighting, and expand their leadership skills through stage management. These experiences help them to discover individual gifts and grow their character through teamwork. 

Our school community has enjoyed a variety of productions throughout the years. Recent performances include A Winter's TaleA Year with Frog and ToadThe Sound of Music, and Scrooge's Christmas. Whether musical, comedy, or drama, the RCCS Theater program provides our students, teacher mentors, and parent helpers the opportunity to reflect the creativity of our great God and bring Him glory through artistic expression. 

Spring 2022 Production


The Westing Game


The performances will be held at Grace Community Church, 11611 Belair Rd. Kingsville 21087

Performance Dates: 

Friday, March 25th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, March 26th @ 2:00pm and 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:

$11 General Admission 

Tickets Available Now


Our school uniform supplier is Flynn O'Hara; you can find our school page on their website here.  Please review the parent-student handbook for specific uniform requirements by grade.

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