The visual and performing arts are gifts from God.

The visual and performing arts are gifts from God created for the enjoyment of His people. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities including art, drama, music, choir, band, and individual instrumental instruction. Students receive art and music instruction beginning in Kindergarten. In most grades, art instruction is integrated with the study of history and corresponding literature. Music instruction focuses on music theory, history, and application in grades in grades K–6. In grades 7–12 the music program consists of voice, piano, and guitar training while sculpture, painting and drawing are the foundation of the upper school art program.

These required arts classes are designed to provide basic experience in a variety of areas for all students, with the goal of helping them discover individual giftedness and enhancing their appreciation for the arts. In addition to curricular instruction in art and music, students are encouraged to participate in choir, band, chapel music and the drama productions.

  • Fine Arts Festival

  • Art Show

  • Recycling Contest

  • Grade Level Plays & Shows

  • Christmas & Spring Concert
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