Redeemer Vs Current Educational Theory

Redeemer Classical Christian Common Core
The time-testedproven model The latest fad in education
Christ-centered education Man-centered education
Truth is objective, knowable and absolute Moral relativism, Secular Humanism, Progressive Philosophical Indoctrination
Emphasis on truth, goodness and beauty Emphasis on what is politically correct
Education for formation Education for information
The aim is to form the whole person according to timeless, intrinsic values The aim is to train a whole people to conform to a contemporary set of uniform standards
Lifts the minds of all students to the highest aspirations of man, encompassing a student’s capacity for imaginative and emotional appreciation of reality, as well as for analytic and scientific habits of mind, toward the formation of Godly character Shrinks learning into a one-size-fits all centralized set of information designed to achieve success by narrowing the focus of human learning to basic facts for measurable recall
Based upon time tested methods Based upon unproven fads/theories
Teacher serves as authority figure, sets the plan for the class, direct instruction Teacher serves as facilitator
English- Emphasis on phonics, cursive hand writing, explicit grammar instruction, (parts of speech, sentence structure)
Writing – expositorpersuasive, research with empirical evidence to support assertations Emphasis on technical writing – government documents and technical manuals
Integrated Humanities that emphasizes classic literaturepoetry and drama – Students study the history, literature, culture, musica and art of each period 60% of classic literature, poetry and drama have been stripped from the standards – addition of sexually explicit reading material
Appreciation of Western Civilization – American heritage and exceptionalism, national sovereignty, Founding documents (Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The bill of Rights) Critique of Western Civilization– emphasis on multiculturalism, revisionist history, United Nations documents
Traditional math taught in mastery fashion – presents math concepts one at a time with each concept building on the previous one – drill and skill Math standards – no longer drill multiplication tables – many additional steps of confusing algorithms – eliminates need for Geometry proofs – rejects drills and memorization of math facts
Austrian Economics – Classical Economics – Free Market Capitalism– espouses the idea that collectively the invdividuals in society, each acting in his or her own self-interest, manage to produce and purchase the goods and services that they as a society require, thereby creating the greatest good for the greatest number of people, by generating economic growth Keynesian Economics – favors using the government’s powers to spend, tax, and borrow to keep the economy stable and growing – resulting in big government, Federal control – taxpayer bailouts of private companies too big to fail
Formal and Informal Logic – teaches students how to think, not what to think Emphasizes subjectivity, feelings, emotions, conformity to political correctness and social engineering
Development of critical thinking – “Why?” Development for correct procedures – “How?”
Reject state/federal funding to remain independent of government control and remain faithful to Biblical principles Dependent upon federal funding – funding linked to adoption of federal standards and mandates – penalties and rewards created by national government
Respect for student and family privacy Data mining of personal information that will be shared with State/Federal government, as well as special interests/private businesses associated with development of Common Core curriculum/testing/software

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